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Graniittiravintolat - celebrating a century under the same roof

Upon the granite bedrock of Siltasaari, the historic Paasitorni rises into the sky. It is a building under whose roof can be found a fabulous restaurant complex, as well as a modern setting for dining, celebrations, and business meetings. The traditional working-class district of Hakaniemi in Helsinki has a long history, including something quite unique…

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A circus: main attraction, a sleuth of polar bears

In the 1800s in Paasitorni, there was a 2000 seat circus. The circusgoers lined the street of Sirkuskatu (Circus Street) to see 15 polar bears, circus horses, and strongmen. However, the circus was disbanned, and the architect Karl Lindahl designed the Paasitorni worker’s hall; construction began on the seashore in the early 1900s. The granite stones of Paasitorni, taken from the cliffs, soon became a landmark that became an important symbol of independence in Finnish history. Since 1938, Sirkuskatu (Circus Street) has been known as Paasivuorenkatu (Paasi Mountain Street).


A worker's hall as a gathering place

After its completion, the granite-constructed worker’s hall soon became a gathering place for men, and within the walls of the present-day Juttutupa pub, lively conversation and clamoring could be heard in the halls. Soon, Paasitorni was used to host international meetings – this is now continued in the Kongressikeskus Paasitorni.

If only the walls had a mouth, they could tell thousands of tales

After Finland’s war for independence, the halls of Paasitorni hosted numerous events and classic silent film screenings, which now have their place in Finnish cultural history. In the 1920s, this magnificent structure provided a setting for delightful celebrations and having fun. In the 1930s, in the building’s cellars, things got a little rough: a boxing hall was built, where the world heavyweight boxing champion Gunnar Bärlund, aka. GeeBee trained. The whirl of celebration didn’t end there: in the 1970s, the rock band ”Hurriganes” played their first gig together in Paasitorni!

Safeguarding valuable architecture

The rugged architecture of Paasitorni impresses goers even today: Behind every corner, you can find interesting hotel corridors, rooms, and in the dining hall, arched windows. By the 1990s, extensive use of the building had brought the building to the condition that it had to be completely overhauled. These painstakingly renovated facilities soon became the Graniittiravintolat restaurants.

The Graniittiravintolat restaurants in the heart of the metropolis as an event hub

Restaurant services are an integral part of the last century at Paasitorni. The Juttutupa pub has been serving clientele since 1908, and in recent decades, four Graniittiravintolat restaurants were constructed. You can find a wonderful view from the Paasitorni observation deck, as well as a private sauna.

Lodging services move to the same block

In 2012, Story-hotel Scandic Paasi complemented the already existing services available at Paasitorni, by providing high-quality lodging services. The interiour of the hotel rooms comes from an eventful place in Finnish history, and spaces can be found that reflect different decades. Hotel guests are, of course, treated to an extensive variety of food services in the adjacent Granniittiravintolat restaurants.

The story extends to the gulf of the sea

The latest chapter in the story built with granite blocks is the Meripaviljonki restaurant oasis, floating off the shore of the Säästöpankki (historical savings bank), sporting the panoramic seascape of Eläintarhalahti. Meripaviljonki was completed after a decade of planning and receiving permits in the spring of 2015. Now, our restaurant, together with the conference and lodging services ensure that this block is full of life, just as it was a century ago.


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